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International Services

For more information about Services for International Students, visit the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Nova International Student Orientation (NISA)

Get involved on campus with the dynamic student organization!

International Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Nova Southeastern University, and welcome to the shark community! By coming to Shark Frenzy: NSU’s Grand Orientation,you will be introduced to our main campus, have the opportunity to meet with faculty and staff, and connect with other students coming to NSU’s campus for the first time. We have made sure that your Orientation experience will prepare you for life at NSU, both socially and academically.

At Shark Frenzy: NSU’s Grand Orientation, you will be able to:

Students are more than welcome to invite family members and/or guests to this orientation program. Family members and guests will have the opportunity to experience their own program during Shark Frenzy: NSU’s Grand Orientation.


Wednesday, August 21

The remainder of the Shark Frenzy: NSU’s Grand Orientation can be found at: Shark Frenzy Schedule

Registration can be completed online at the NSU Orientation: Online Registration.


Vehicle registration (not a copy), to register your vehicle and obtain a parking permit

Your computer or your computer's MAC address in order to access our campus wireless network. Not sure where to find your MAC address?

Click here. Students interested in waiving NSU's Health Insurance should bring their health insurance card. For more information, visit the Health Insurance page.

Things To Do Before Orientation
  1. Have your travel documents and confirm with the Office of International Students at 954-262-7242, or via email ( to confirm that all necessary paperwork is completed to begin your term
    • Visit the Prospective F-1 students section for more information on required documentation
    • Request the correct visa (F-1) at the US Embassy/Consulate in your home country
    • The U.S. Immigration & Naturalization (INS) officer at the port of entry will place a red date stamp with F-1 D/S on the School & Student Copy of your I-20 and I-94 Card (Departure Record)
    • The INS officer will return to you the Student Copy of your I-20 along with your I-94 card
  2. Complete the Pre-Orientation designed by the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS)
    • information about Pre-Orientation will be in your acceptance packet
  3. Make arrangements to have US currency available upon your arrival
  4. Pay Admission Deposit (if applicable)
  5. Contact Academic Advisor to register for classes (these links should be the same the Box that appears on the right of the screen titled "Checklist")
  6. Contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing at 954-262-7052 or via e-mail
    • For information regarding living on campus
    • Sign contract to live on campus
    • Confirm details about check-in/move-in day