PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT (FRONT ROW SEATED): Kimberly Durham, Marcella Rutherford, Stephanie G. Brown, Frederick Lippman, George L. Hanbury II, Jacqueline A. Travisano, Roni Leiderman, Robin Supler, Barbara Packer-Muti, Irv Rosenbaum, Don Rudawsky, Meline Kevorkian. SECOND ROW: Karen Grosby, Andrés Malavé, Robert A. Uchin, Ricardo Belmar, Gary S. Margules, Marc Crocquet, Joseph Pineda, Robert S. Oller, Tom West, Ron Midei, Richard E. Davis, Don Rosenblum, Alyson Silva, Anthony J. Silvagni, Brad A. Williams. THIRD ROW: Frank De Piano, David C. Dawson, Richard E. Dodge, H. Wells Singleton, Preston Jones, Michael Mominey, Robert Pietrykowski, Honggang Yang, Athornia Steele, William Stanton, Harold E. Laubach, Eric Ackerman, Lydia M. Acosta, David S. Loshin, Jerome Chermak. Not Featured: Pete Witschen and Joel Berman.

The President’s Council was created in 2011 by Dr. Hanbury to facilitate communication and ideation with the university’s deans, vice presidents and executive directors. The President’s Council meets monthly to discuss the state of the university, and address academic and administrative matters. Additionally, Council members participate in an annual retreat to review progress towards NSU’s business plan, strategize for the coming year, and address action items that will ensure the university reaches its Vision 2020.