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For current weather information and advisories for NSU's four campuses, please visit AccuWeather.

Emergency Notification System (ENS)

At NSU we know the importance of having a comprehensive communications system to reach students, parents, faculty, and staff. Should an emergency situation arise at any of NSU’s campuses or sites, critical information will be accessible through the NSU Hotline at 800-256-5065, on the NSU website at www.nova.edu, or on the SharkTube video network.

Another important way of reaching our students, faculty and staff in times of emergency is through a mobile text and home voice messaging service. We are continually testing the voice and text messaging component of our Emergency Notification System with test messages to all NSU students, employees, faculty and staff.

In the event of a real emergency other components of NSU’s Emergency Notification System will be implemented. This includes intercoms broadcasting in classrooms, PA systems and bullhorns outfitted in all Public Safety patrol vehicles; the LCD “Sharktube” displays throughout buildings on campus; an Emergency Message “icon” on NSU’s homepage, and through the NSU’s emergency blue light phone and public address network. Each of these communications channels are tied to NSU’s Public Safety Department’s Security Operation Center.

The Security Operations Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week Officers continuously patrol the campus in marked Public Safety vehicles and on foot. The Davie Police department also assigns police officers to NSU’s main campus. While no amount of resources can guarantee 100 percent communication coverage, this multi-channel approach will help to keep most everyone informed and safe.

It should be noted that the authority for closing of the university is the sole responsibility of the University President. In the event of an emergency, the University President may close a part of or all of the university's campuses, regional sites, and/or locations.