Lesly Viera

WHEN SHE WAS 16, Lesly Viera was diagnosed with lymphoma. After receiving chemotherapy treatment, she lost all her hair.

"When I went to the hospital and saw other girls who lost their hair, I knewhow they felt-insecure and afraid. From that moment, I committed myself to making a difference." In high school, Viera collected more than 250 ponytails to donate to Locks of Love.

She started Locks for a Cause while an NSU freshman and collected more than 155 ponytails to donate to Locks of Love at its inaugural event. The ponytails were then made into hairpieces for cancer patients. "Locks for a Cause gives confidence back to those affected by cancer, while simultaneously raising awareness."

NSU was Lesly Viera's first and only choice for an education. She enjoys the school for the personal attention she receives from professors and administration. Scholarships, including NSU's Honor Award and Florida's Bright Futures, aid her attendance.

"At NSU, there are so many opportunities to connect with people who believe in you and want to further your interests. You don't get that anywhere else." Viera dreams of attending NSU's College of Dental Medicine. "NSU is the only college I want to attend."