Pamela Shelling

AS SOMEONE WHO is close with her family, Florida native Pamela Shelling considered NSU "the best choice," saying that "NSU has a lot to offer in terms of curriculum and faculty."

The recipient of a Leadership Award, she is honored to be recognized for her academic achievements and grateful for the financial assistance. "Students in the dental program carry a significant financial burden. Not only concerning tuition, we incur living expenses and must pay for our own clinical equipment."

Considering it a "great opportunity" to represent her class, Shelling has served as secretary, vice president, and now president of her classes while in NSU's dental program.

"I want my legacy at NSU to be known as someone who really cared about her patients and about her school. Many young patients come to me with significant dental issues. I feel fortunate for the chance to make an impact."

Through NSU, she volunteers with Give Kids a Smile, a program that provides dental treatment to children. She plans to attend a postgraduate program in orthodontics.

Dental medicine is "all in the family" for Shelling - her brother is an orthodontist. One day, she hopes to join him in private practice.