Travis Moore

LOCATION FIRST attracted fisheries researcher Travis Moore to Nova Southeastern University.

"With the Oceanographic Center located on the water, the savings are significant in terms of cost and time from setup to the point you're in the water, collecting data. I also knew about Dr. Kerstetter's Fisheries Research Laboratory and the species of fish the lab focuses on; that was something that interested me."

Since then, he has found a home at NSU, conducting local and international projects to address issues in fisheries biology and management. Taking measurements and collecting biological samples of coastal pelagic (open water) fishes at recreational fishing tournaments, Moore's work relies greatly upon not only the support of his Fisheries Research Lab team, but also financial assistance.

"I'm grateful for the limitless opportunities NSU has afforded me. My adviser and the faculty have the knowledge and resources to help me succeed, whether it is assisting with permits or connecting me to fisheries resources and tournaments."

His research has allowed him to travel the world, from the Cayman Islands to Turkey and the Gulf of Mexico. His ambition is to continue his research, eventually earning a Ph.D., and giving back to the academic community through teaching and research.