Prepare for the Real World

Want to get a head start on your career?  Well, there’s no experience quite like the real thing.  And at NSU, you’ll have the chance to work with professional staff dedicated to helping you get the most out of your college experience, so that you're prepared for that next step after graduation.  Whether that next step is going to graduate or professional school, or heading right out into the job market - NSU makes sure you are prepared.  From internships to mentorships, NSU offers a variety of ways to not just learn, but to gain hands-on with experience that counts.

Former Interns Share Their Experiences

Physical Therapy Clinics

Estelle Saenz practices spine boarding during a summer internship.

Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Beach Zoo Intern

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins Intern

Scripps Laboratory

Scripps Laboratory Intern

Surgical Team

Scripps Laboratory Intern

Senator's Office
Washington, D.C.

Senator's Office Intern

Museum of Art | FL

Diana Blanco

Financial Executives Intl.
Washington, D.C.

Max Hyman