Top 10 Reasons to Attend Orientation

  1. Mandatory
    All new incoming students are required to attend NSU’s Grand Orientation.  If you do not Grand Orientation, a registration hold will be placed on your student account.  This hold will prevent you from registering the following semester.
  2. Friends
    Meet other students that are also new to NSU.  Grand Orientation allows you to get to know other students and meet new friends before classes even start.
  3. Who's Who
    Find out who the must know faces of NSU are! Meet the President, Deans, Directors, and, of course, the Orientation Team.
  4. Meet Professors
    Professors will tell you how a typical class at NSU is structured as well as answer any questions you may have about books, syllabi, papers, or absence policies. You may even meet a Professor that you will be taking for class.
  5. Services
    Learn about the different academic and student services that NSU offers. These services include academic services, career development, student success, and the RecPlex.
  6. Shark Card and Parking Decal
    Two Shark must haves! Your Shark Card will help get you around campus and your free parking decal will allow you to park in designated lots! By attending Orientation, you will have them both before the first day of classes.
  7. History and Traditions
    Our history goes back to 1964. Learn about the history of NSU as well as all of the unique traditions that make NSU one of a kind.
  8. Clubs and Organizations
    With over 70 clubs and organizations you will be sure to find a group that interests you at NSU.
  9. Success
    Students who attend Grand Orientation are more likely to be comfortable with the campus, the services, and the people at NSU when starting classes. Grand Orientation will provide you with all the resources that will help contribute to your overall success.
  10. Become an Official Shark
    Grand Orientation is the final step in becoming an Official Shark! Grand Orientation gives you all the information, excitement, and maybe even one-of-a-kind Shark gear that you will need to be able to show off your Shark Pride everyday on campus.