RN-BSN & RN-MSN Nursing Orientation

Congratulations on your acceptance to Nova Southeastern University and welcome to the RN-BSN or RN-MSN program! By coming to orientation, you will have fun, meet other students, and be introduced to faculty and program administration. You will learn about the many available services and resources here at NSU and receive a site tour to ensure your preparedness for your first day of classes. Please make certain that you will be able to attend the entire program for the date you select.

On your orientation day, you will be able to:

A family and guest program is not offered during this orientation program but students are more than welcome to invite family members and/or guests. Family members and guests that attend this program will have the opportunity to experience the entire orientation with students.

What to Know

For January start
Winter Orientation
For August start
Summer Orientation
  • 1 day program
  • 2 - 3.5 hour program
  • Scheduled a week before classes or the day/night of your first class
  • Dress Business Casual
  • Your nursing support coordinator has pre-registered you for your first semester classes; log on to SharkLink to view your courses

What to Bring

For January start
Winter Orientation
For August start
Summer Orientation
  • Vehicle registration (not a copy) to register your vehicle and obtain a parking permit
  • Your computer or your computer's MAC address in order to access our campus wireless network. Not sure where to find your MAC address? Click here.
  • Students interested in waiving NSU's Health Insurance should bring their health insurance card. For more information, visit the Health Insurance page.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Myers & Orlando

Dr. Mark Wyatt
Program Director RN to BSN/MSN
Phone: (407) 264-5752
E-mail Dr. Wyatt