Razor's Edge Program

Application Process

Application Timeline

Applications for the Fall 2016 academic year will open up this fall! When the application does open please Click here to apply. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact us at razorsedge@nova.edu or call the office at (954) 262-7179.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students must be entering as first time in college as a freshman to be eligible for the Razor's Edge Leadership Scholarship Program.

Applicants to the Razor's Edge program should be individuals who have had experience leading and who will continue to do so in the future. Applicants must keep in mind that this is not an emerging leaders program, but rather an experience for already established leaders in high school and throughout the community. Once on campus, Razor's Edge Leaders are expected to be agents of change in order to increase school pride, involvement and overall success.

There are a total of twenty-five spots available for each class in the program each year. This number is a maximum, but not a minimum, for the number of students accepted into Razor's Edge annually.

Applicants can apply by online. Click here to apply.

There are three main items required to complete your Razor's Edge application:

  1. Involvement Matrix: highlighting all curricular and co-curricular leadership experiences in high school, in the community, and through service contributions.
  2. Two essays, which are to be provided in the online Razor's Edge application.
  3. Two recommendation forms.

Applications must be completed and submitted in a timely manner to ensure that they are processed prior to the deadline. Only online applications are accepted.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the priority deadline is December 6, 2013.

The final deadline is: January 10, 2014. Applications received after January 10, 2014 will not be accepted.

Competition Weekend is the final step in making the decision on who is a good fit for the program. If invited, applicants will need to select one of the available dates. The students are required to come to campus for this part of the process. The weekend begins on a Friday night and will wrap up the following Saturday afternoon. The applicants will be housed overnight in a hotel close to campus and will be participating in group initiatives along with two interviews. During the weekend, applicants will also participate in a leadership development workshop lead by current student leaders. Once students arrive into Ft. Lauderdale, all food and housing will be taken care of. Transportation will be provided for students to and from the airport. Competition Weekend is the third and final phase of the application process into the Razor's Edge program.

No, applicants must have the recommendation form filled out. The online application asks each applicant to submit two individual's name and contact information. From there, staff will reach out to the recommenders and provide them with a copy of the electronic recommendation form. Once received, the recommendation forms are given a numerical value to keep the process uniform for all students. It is recommended that you share with your recommender that the form will come electronically to the email you provide.

No, due to the process that each applicant is required to go through it is important to keep the applications as uniform as possible. Therefore, the involvement matrix must be completed. The involvement matrix can be found within the online application.

If invited to the phone interview it means the applicant has adequate leadership qualities for the program. The phone interview is used to learn more about the applicant and his or her experiences. When having the interview, the applicant should relax and let us see their character as much as possible.

Once the phone interview is complete the applicants applications will be reviewed once again and invitations will be sent out for the Competition Weekend dates.

If invited to Competition Weekend, an applicant must go into their VIP page, click on the My Events/Interviews link located on the top left of the page, click on the Competition Weekend and register on the following page. If the date does not work with the applicant's schedule, please contact the office as soon as possible.

An email will be sent out with the general information about the competition weekend. It is important to remember that there are two formal interviews that each applicant will attend. Along with this an applicant should bring comfortable clothes for the group initiatives.

During the Razor's Edge application process, there are four phases.

  • Phase I: Application
    The application is received and review by our staff. If the application is sufficient the applicant will move onto phase two.
  • Phase II: Phone Interview
    The applicant is offered a phone interview. There is a scoring system during the phone interview. If the applicant does well on the phone interview they will be invited to phase three which is the final phase, competition weekend.
  • Phase III: Competition Weekend
    The applicant has passed the previous phases with strong scores and has been invited to a competition weekend. During this phase the student is required to come to campus for a person interview.
  • Phase IV: Acceptance to the Razor's Edge Program
    Applicants will be notified by the NSU Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement of their acceptance into the Razor's Edge Program.

On campus there are over 120 clubs/organizations on campus. We have academic clubs, such as the chemistry club or our student government, for the Razor's Edge students to get involved in. In addition, if NSU does not offer the club you are looking for any student can create their own club as long as they have five members!

Students in the Razor's Edge have found that the program creates a family feel that helps with the transition from high school to college. Students in the program participate in fun, interactive, educational, and leadership development retreats prior to school starting. This provides the opportunity for students to adapt to the campus setting, build relationships with new and returning students, and sets the stage for a successful semester and year. Along with this Razor's Edge creates great exposure to the profession world. Every month we meet as a group and have different topics. This past year we had a variety of professionals speak with us about their professional experience and how leadership plays a role, in and speak to us about their career path. These types of things are very beneficial to us and most other students do not get the same experience.

Faculty both in and outside of the program are very supportive of their students involvement as well as their academics. On campus, there is free tutoring available and Allison Foster, the director of the program is always open if a student needs to talk.