The 26th Undergraduate SGA

We, the Undergraduate students of Nova Southeastern University, in order to establish a more dynamic and diverse campus, pledge to promote and protect the rights of the Undergraduate students, promote cooperation and communication between the Undergraduate activity-fee paying students, and the administration, encourage unity among University students by advancing the quality of academic and social life, and provide a form of government for and by the students.

We want to keep an open door policy to allow students to inform us of any concerns or issues they may have at NSU. Please feel free to come to our meetings on Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Rosenthal Student Center, Room 200. We look forward to hearing from the students and continuing to support them throughout the year.

Remember, SGA is always there for you!

Contact Us

Executive Board
Daniel Brookins President Email
Benjamin Herrin VP Legislative Affairs Email
Kelly Scott VP Judicial Affairs Email
Barbara Rosso Treasurer Email
Bansi Savla Executive Secretary Email
Christopher Lynch Campus Entertainment Director Email
Danielle Yokemick Public Relations Director Email
Johny Perdomo Residential Senator Email
Josh Grant Residential Senator Email
Dominic Campenni Commuter Senator Email
Alessandra G. Costell Serrano
Commuter Senator Email
Jana T. Matthew
Commuter Senator Email
Haleigh Wilson Minority Senator Email
Shemaiah Kenon Minority Senator Email
Javier Lopez International Senator Email
Jun Jeon International Senator Email
Shemaiah Kenon IOC Chairperson and Spirit Chair Email
Tylia Hernandez
IOC Fin Points Chair Email
Johnathan Demma IOC Records Chairman Email
David Adamian Fraternal Senator Email
Jillian Maiorino Sorority Senator Email
Sarah Erickson Athletic Senator Email
Remi McClellan Athletic Senator Email
Christopher Mignocchi Non-Traditional Senator Email
TBA Freshmen Senator Email
TBA Freshmen Senator Email
Jessica Millar Senate Secretary Email
Organization and Standards Board
Natalie Davison
Organization and Standards Board Email
Nathalie Moreav Organization and Standards Board Email
Dr. William Faulkner Student Affairs Advisor Email
Delia Hernandez Student Affairs Advisor Email
Andrea Kovachy Student Activities Advisor Email
Dr. Paul Bauldoff Faculty Advisor Email
Alysia McKenna GA Advisor Email