Safety on Campus

Crisis Intervention

In order to maintain the academic atmosphere of the residence halls, students are expected to conduct themselves in a considerate manner with regard to the rights, obligations and safety needs of others. Accordingly, students are obliged to live in a cooperative manner with their roommates and other community members.

Trained and caring staff members provide assistance to students experiencing temporary emotional crisis or psychological need. Students seeking counseling services should contact the Student Counseling Center at (954) 262-7050. The Counselor in Residence is also available in an office in Goodwin Hall to serve as a counseling resource to residential students. The Residence Counselor can be contacted at (954) 262-8911. Long-term assistance cannot be expected in the residence hall setting and must be obtained through local, private resources or community agencies. Students requiring long-term assistance may be evaluated as to their suitability for continued residence status.

In order to provide students with timely and quality assistance, the Office of Residential Life and Housing staff are required to follow standardized procedures whenever a student alludes to or engages in self-destructive or disruptive behaviors. These behaviors include but are not limited to remarks about suicide, threats of suicide, suicide gestures or attempts, eating disorders, cutting behaviors, threats of violence, etc. Residential Life and Housing staff will report all situations in which potential suicide may be a factor so that arrangements for psychological consultation can be made.

Similar behavior, which disrupts the residence hall community, may result in disciplinary action, mandated counseling, parental contact and/or removal from the residence halls.

Should a student refuse to consult with Nova Southeastern University's Student Counseling Center once an appointment has been deemed necessary, the Office of Residential Life and Housing may take action to affect the residential status of the student under the NSU Student Code of Conduct.