Safety on Campus

Fire Safety

Anyone unnecessarily setting off a fire alarm, unnecessarily tampering with fire exits and other means of impeding traffic may result in immediate University disciplinary action and criminal prosecution. Residents found damaging smoke alarms or fire alarm equipment will be charged for the damages and dealt with in a judicial manner. Failure to evacuate a residence hall during a fire alarm is also prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.

When you hear the fire alarm, evacuate the residence hall immediately. Close and lock your door when you leave your room/apartment. Do not take the elevator - you may get caught in a power outage. RAs may accompany fire department personnel into individual rooms.

When you are outside of the hall remembers to stay far enough away from the entrances so that you do not interfere with Davie Fire Department, Davie Police, Public Safety, and Residential Life staff. All RAs will gather in one location for each residence hall during an emergency. (Founders, Farquhar, and Vettel RAs will gather at the west side of the parking circle; CLC RAs will gather by the outside garbage dumpster, and Goodwin RAs will gather in the parking lot in front of the hall.) If you need to communicate with Residential Life staff, go to the appropriate location.

Remember, at all times during an emergency or drill, all residents are asked to follow the directions of the Davie Fire Department, Davie Police, Public Safety, or Residential Life staff. Hopefully, we will not face any emergencies in the residence halls; however, participation in drills may help you protect yourself and fellow residents during an actual emergency. If you have any specific questions or concerns, contact your RA or the Office of Residential Life and Housing.