Residential Living

Theme Housing

Participation in theme communities offers multiple benefits. These benefits include encouraging your academic and social endeavors. As with any effort you undertake, when you work hard, you are greatly rewarded. Examples of how you benefit from living in a theme community include the following:

If these rewards are of interest then read below about the various theme community opportunities we offer and apply now!

Upperclassmen Communities

The Quiet Cooridor

This community brings together students who prefer a quiet, studious environment. These students set their own community standards in regards to quiet hours and use of the study lounge. These students create a community of engaged, academically focused students.

The Quiet Corridor is offered in both Goodwin Hall and the Commons Residence Hall. The members of the community in the Commons will assist with mentorship of the members of the community in Goodwin Hall.

Greek Village Community

This community brings together members of all recognized sororities and fraternities on campus to support the mission of Greek Life: The Office of Greek Life at Nova Southeastern University is dedicated to the intellectual and personal development of students through membership in Greek-letter organizations. We encourage all members of our community to avail themselves of the scholarship, leadership, and philanthropic opportunities of Greek life membership. Must be an active member of the NSU Greek system to live in the Greek Village.

Graduate Theme Housing - Health Professions and Law

Graduate students living in Rolling Hills have the option to live and learn with residents studying in your same field. The Office of Residential Life and Housing provides themed floors which are available for students in the Health Professions Division and Law fields.

These communities will be staffed with a field based resident advisor and allows you the opportunity to live, study, and network with other residents in your field. Residents can also choose to sign up for non-themed floors in Rolling Hills which house students from all academic programs. The members of the communities will have the option to assist with mentorship of the undergraduate students interested in entering the same field of study.