Undergraduate Housing

Cultural Living Center

The Cultural Living Center houses approximately 125 undergraduate juniors and seniors with over 60 credits. Each apartment is fully furnished and features single and double rooms, with a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

Hall Amenities
Optional Declining Balance Plan

Students living in the Cultural Living Center may purchase an optional declining balance plan in $100 increments. The flexibility of all declining balance plans allows all students and residents to dine at various locations on the Nova Southeastern University campus, including the following:

For more information about the mandatory or optional declining balance plans, please feel free to contact the Campus Card Office at (954) 262-8929.

Room Rates
Room TypesFall 2014Winter 2015Total Room and Board for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015
Single (1 Bedroom) $5,190 $5,190 $10,380
Double (2 Bedrooms) $3,990 $3,990 $7,980
Room TypesSummer 2014
Single (1 Bedroom) $3,310
Double (2 Bedrooms) $2,528

All rates include unlimited laundry, NSU secured wireless internet, furnishings, utilities, air conditioning, cable TV, and local telephone service. All housing and declining plan rates and configurations are subject to change.

Floor Plans
Single Floor Plan

Cultural Living Center Single Room Floor Plan

Double Floor Plan

Cultural Living Center Double Room Floor Plan