Transfer Evaluation Services for Undergraduate Students

Assessment of Prior Experiences for Academic Credit

NSU undergraduate students may convert prior professional and other life experiences into academic credit. All requests for prior learning credit must be initiated before a student completes 24 credits at NSU. Credits earned through prior learning will be posted to the student's academic record after 12 credits are successfully earned at NSU.

  1. Full Portfolio (Course Challenge)
    Students who intend to challenge a specific college-level course must submit a full portfolio that presents their knowledge of the course topic. Full portfolios are evaluated by an appropriate faculty member. Students may earn a maximum of 25 percent of their credits through the full portfolio process. Full portfolios include course syllabus or course description, resume, autobiography, written skills inventory that compares learning experiences with equivalent course subject matter, and other relevant documents, including certificates, training documents, and verification of employment. Students interested in submitting a full portfolio for academic credit should work directly with the Office of Transfer Evaluation Services.
  2. Standard Grants
    NSU has established a series of standard college credit grants for common, documented learning experiences. These experiences include certain training courses, certificates, and licenses.