Graduate Certificate in Computational Molecular Biology

About the Certificate:
A recent report from Georgetown University indicated that the American healthcare sector of society will continue to grow, potentially creating >4 million new jobs by 2020. More than 80% of these new jobs will require advanced degrees (GenomeWeb's 12th Annual Salary Survey).
Part of this surge will include the analysis of DNA or “genomic” data (the complete set of coding instructions- A,C,G,T – required for an organism to live). For example, medicine will become more “personalized”, since having one’s own genome sequence could possibly better determine the probability of disease, or adverse effects to drugs based on unique genetic differences. Modern DNA sequencing has recently compared our genomes to that of our extinct ancestor, the Neanderthal, and found high levels of similarity and integration.
Therefore, in this context, this computational molecular biology certificate intends to assist students’ entry into the genomics industry and workforce, projected to grow (see companies such as http://dna.ancestry.com). It will provide a solid foundation to both genomics and computer science fields, introduce bioinformatics theory, resources and databases, and enable a gateway to more advance studies in computational molecular biology.
■ Interpret complex genomic data
■ Manage large caches of genetic sequences
■ Database management & applications
■ Bioinformatics and data analysis
■ Four Courses (2 computer science & 2 molecular biology)
BMME 8010: (Marine) Genomics
BMME 8050: Foundations of Programming
BMME 8051: Database Management and Applications
Introduction to Bioinformatics
■ Available online/in house
■ Courses do not have to be taken over consecutive semesters
■ Enrollment at any term
■ Applicants with any undergraduate major will be considered for admission.
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