RN to MSN Program

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Course Requirements

General Education (Fall 2014)

CourseSemester Hours
Written communication (College-level written composition) 6
Social behavioral sciences (One PSYC and Human Growth and Development) 6
Arts & Humanities (Any HIST, ARTS, PHIL, HUMN, LITR, THEA, FILM, MUSC, DANC, WRIT or foreign language) 6
Mathematics (Math 1040 or above and Statistics from a college math department) 6
Natural/physical sciences (Credit with an R.N. License) *12
Total General Education Credits 36

* Credit with R.N. license

General education courses may be completed at any regionally accredited community college or university prior to admission.

Core required courses by semester
SemesterCourse NumberCourse NameSemester Hourse
Semester I NUR 3000 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Education 3
NUR 3030 Health Assessment 3
NUR 3013 Transition to Professional Nursing 3
Semester II NUR 4151 Population Health: Promotion, Prevention, and Disease Management 4
NUR 3031 Pathophysiology 3
NUR 4161 Genetic Concepts 2
Semester III NUR 4175 Transition to Graduate Studies 9
NUR 4171 Nursing and Health Care Trends 3
Semester IV **NSG 5000 Advanced Nurse Role 3
**NSG 5101 Theory and Research 3
Total 36

**Dual Credits for B.S.N. and M.S.N. Degree (B.S.N. degree is conferred once completed)

Core Courses for all M.S.N. Degrees
Course NumberCourse NameSemester Hours
NSG 5111 Evidence and Practice 3
NSG 5270 Informatics and Data Analysis 3
NSG 5130 Health Care Policy 3
Total 9
M.S.N. Degree Tracks
M.S.N. Specialty TracksM.S.N. Specialty Track Credits
Nursing Education Track (N.E.) 21 
Health Systems Leadership Track (H.S.L.) 21
Nursing Informatics Track (N.I.) 21
Family Nurse Practitioner Track (F.N.P.) 37
Course Description

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