MSN Online Program

Track Outcomes

Education Track Outcomes
  1. Utilize evidence in educational design, implementation, and evaluation.
  2. Employ instructional strategies that recognize the diversity learner.
  3. Implement assessment and evaluation methods in a variety of learning environments.
  4. Analyze the teaching, scholarship and service roles of the nurse educator.
Health Systems leadership Track Outcomes
  1. Integrate leadership and systems theories to promote quality and safety within complex health systems.
  2. Utilize technology, evidence and inter-professional collaboration to improve the outcomes of the complex health systems.
  3. Apply business principles and practices within a health care delivery model.
  4. Design change strategies to meet regulatory standards based on analysis of current trends and data.
Nursing Informatics Track Outcomes
  1. Examine the role of nursing informatics competencies and the professional standards on nursing informatics practice
  2. Develop skills necessary to implement health information technology for knowledge management and quality improvement.
  3. Describe key legal, regulatory, and ethical issues related to the utilization of health information technology.
  4. Apply leadership concepts to support the utilization of health information technology within the healthcare system.