APRN Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinicals begin with Adv Health Assessment-the fourth semester.
Adv Health Assessment will render full days 9am-4pm. Other times they can expect to be in full days are rare, but may need to come half a day for one course and half for another to prevent students from having to come in more times. Most lectures will be 3-5 hours. 
Students will be alerted a semester in advance about day of week and hours.
Depends on the course, if it requires objective testing it will be on campus and test review will be on campus. Example Adv Patho and Adv Pharm have 4 exams each with test revidew on other dates. 
There is a Director of clinical practice that will assist in processing clinical sites, but students are to seek their clinical sites within their convenient area. If assigned within the list it will not be guaranteed to be in their living area. Clinical sites are to fall within the catchment area: Orlando south, Ft.Myers and South, North of Homestead.
The objective of the program is to prepare you for certification.
There is a continued recommendation that DNP is the entry level for NPs, but it is not a requirement.
Every application is given due process. The admission committee uses a grid that considers all relevant aspects that supports success in the limited access and rigorous graduate program which is geared to achieving high competency and certification passing. 
Providing a CV.