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Conference Room Set-up

The standard set-up for a library conference room is Boardroom Style unless specifically requested otherwise.

Set-up Options:
  • Conference Room style set-up
  • Mention in the Daily Poster in library lobby
  • Simple directional signage inside the library
  • Upon request, audio-visual or computer equipment
  • Upon request, Internet access
  • Upon request, telephone or telephone line
  • Upon request, Presidential Package
  • Upon request, Housekeeping
    (Please note, no outside food or beverage ermitted. If food or beverage is desired, it must be provided by Chartwell, NSU's exclusive provider of catering services.)

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Additional Set-up Options

NOTE: If you wish to change the standard set-up in any way, then you will need to make the request in AdAstra.

The following additional options are available: Room set-up | Telephone | Food and/or Beverage | Presidential Package | Signage

  • Room set-up options:
    Seven (7) days notice is required for non-standard room set-up.
    • Boardroom (standard)
      Tables arranged in a rectangle with chairs around the outside facing the center of the room.
    • Classroom
      Tables arranged in rows with chairs facing the front of the room.
    • Theater
      No tables. Chairs arranged in rows facing the front of the room.
    • Standing
      No tables or chairs.
    • Hightops and/or rounds may be rented. NSU account number required for rentals.
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  • Telephone service:
    Three (3) days notice and NSU account number are required for telephone requests.
    • None (standard)
    • Local line telephone
    • Long distance telephone
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  • Food and/or beverage service:
    No outside food is permitted. Catering should be arranged directly with Chartwell at 954-262-5345.
    • None (standard)
    • Catered by Chartwell. Please specify how many food tables will be needed in the room.
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  • Presidential Package:
    Seven (7) days notice and NSU account number are required for reserving the Presidential Package through the Office of Special Events. The Presidential Package includes:
    • Stage (Please specify - small, medium or large)
    • Risers
    • Black grids in back of stage
    • Railings
    • Skirt for stage
    • Flags (NSU, Florida, US Flag)
    • Presidential banner for podium
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  • Signage options:
    Seven (7) days notice is required for special signage and proper title.
    • Simple directional signage inside the library (standard)
    • Signage outside the library

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If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Coordinator of Facilities and Events:

Facilities and Events
Phone: (954) 262-4612
Email: librooms@nsu.nova.edu

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Last update: 12/27/11