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The Alvin Sherman Library has thousands of microfilm and microfiche documents in the library. Major collections include: ERIC documents, the New York Times, the Corefiche collection, and over a dozen important series and collections. The library also has numerous periodicals on microfiche and microfilm.

The series and collections include: the American Culture Series (ACS), the Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications, the FBI files for Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. For printing and downloading microform images, there are machines located on the west side of the second floor of the Alvin Sherman Library.

Below are listings and information related to the various series and collections that the Alvin Sherman Library owns on microform. The primary historical document series are located in the first row of cabinets in the southwest corner of the second floor of the library. The ERIC documents are in the northwest corner.


ERIC Documents: The Alvin Sherman Library maintains a collection of hundreds of thousands of ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) documents on microfiche dating back to the 1960s. ERIC documents feature various types of materials including: journal articles, papers, reports and more in the field of education. Many ERIC documents produced since 1993 are available full text online in the ERIC databases, which can be accessed through the library databases. The public online version of ERIC is also available here.

Primary Historical Documents

Alternative Press Collection: The set features alternative newspapers from around the United States. The collection contains eights sets and hundreds of microfilm reels. There is printed index in the Ready Reference collection at the Reference Desk.

American Culture Series (ACS) Subject Collection: The Alvin Sherman Library microfilm set contains thousands of primary documents such as early books and pamphlets in various subject areas from the arts to history and much more. A printed index of each subject is kept at the reference desk.

FBI File (Mississippi Burning): This collection features FBI documents for the Mississippi Burning (MIBURN) case. These investigative summaries are also available online. There is an index to this collection in Ready Reference at the Reference Desk.

Martin Luther King, Jr. FBI File: This microfilm series contains the FBI files related to former civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. A two part online index to this collection is available here and here. A portion of these FBI files are available in PDF format on the FBI website.

Missouri Underground Newspaper Collection: This underground newspaper collection contains over 120 alternative and underground press titles from the 1960s and 1970s. Like many of the other microfilm sets, a printed index is available in the Ready Reference collection at the Reference Desk.

Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications: This is a microfilm collection of the various catalogs the United States Government published between 1895-1976. More recent government publications can be found on their website. Plus, access to publications since 1976 are available in the GDCS (Government Documents Catalog Service) online catalog which is accessible within the library from our databases.

President Kennedy & the Press: President Kennedy and the Press is a microfilm set of transcripts from the various press meetings and conferences from the Kennedy administration from 1961 to 1963. An online index and guide to this collection is available. (Note: The President Kennedy and the Press index starts on page 12 of the document.)

Terrorism: Special Studies: This series features numerous reports about international terrorism especially specific cases from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Two online Lexis Nexis indexes are available here and here.

U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam: A microfilm collection containing a variety of documents concerning the United States Army’s participation in the Vietnam War. A user guide and index is available. There is also a printed index to this collection in Ready Reference at the Reference Desk.

Underground Press Collection: The Underground Press Collection features many different American underground newspapers from the 1960s through the 1980s. Some of the papers include: Guardian, Boston Phoenix, etc. A printed index of this set is kept in Ready Reference at the Reference Desk.

Watergate in Court: This microfilm collection offers transcripts of some of the proceedings in District Court as it relates to the Watergate defendants. An index guide from Lexis Nexis is available and there is also an index in the Ready Reference collection at the Reference Desk.

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