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Library of Congress Classification System

The Library of Congress Classification system organizes materials in libraries according to branches of knowledge. Originally devised for the U.S. Library of Congress, it is widely used by research and academic libraries to organize their collections.

In the Alvin Sherman Library, the Library of Congress System is used for most of the collections, including most circulating books, reference collection, etc. The children's and young adult collections in the Alvin Sherman Library use the Dewey Decimal Classification System, while sound recordings (compact discs and cassettes) are classified by ANSCR, the Alpha-Numeric System for Collections of Recordings.

Library of Congress Classification Summary

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Call letter Subjects
A General Works.
B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion.
C Auxiliary sciences of history
D History: General and outside the Americas.
E History: America. United States.
F United States local history. British America. Canada. French America. Latin America. Spanish America.
G Geography. Anthropology.
H Social Sciences.
J Political Science.
K Law.
Call letter Subjects
L Education.
M Music.
N Fine Arts.
P Language and Literature.
Q Science.
R Medicine.
S Agriculture.
T Technology.
U Military Science.
V Naval Science.
Z Bibliography. Library Science.

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Call letter Subject heading
A General Works
AC Collections, Series, Collected Works.
AE Encyclopedias (General).
AG Dictionaries and Other General Reference Works.
AI Indexes (General).
AM Museums. Collectors and Collecting.
AN Newspapers.
AP Periodicals.
AS Academies and Learned Societies (General).
AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories.
AZ History of Scholarship and Learning. The Humanities.
B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion.
B Philosophy (General).
BC Logic.
BD Speculative Philosophy.
BF Psychology, Parapsychology, Occult Sciences.
BH Aesthetics.
BJ Ethics. Social Usages. Etiquette.
BL Religion.
BM Judaism.
BP Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy.
BQ Buddhism.
BR Christianity.
BS The Bible.
BT Doctrinal Theology.
BV Practical Theology.
BX Christian Denominations.
C Auxiliary sciences of history
C Auxillary Sciences of History (General).
CB History of civilization.
CC Archaeology.

Diplomatics. Archives. Seals.

CE Technical chronology. Calendar.
CJ Numismatics.
CN Inscriptions. Epigraphy.
CR Heraldry.
CS Genealogy.
CT Biography.
D History: General and outside the Americas.
D General World History.
DA Great Britain.
DAW Central Europe.
DB Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia.
DC France.
DD Germany.
DE The Mediterranean Region. The Greco-Roman World.
DF Greece.
DG Italy.
DH Netherlands (Low Countries).
DJ Netherlands (Holland).
DJK Eastern Europe.
DK Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics.
DL Northern Europe. Scandinavia.
DP Spain.
DQ Switzerland.
DR Balkan Peninsula.
DS History of Asia.
DT History of Africa.
DU History of Oceania.
DX History of Gypsies.
E History: America. United States.
F United States local history. British America. Canada. French America. Latin America. Spanish America
G Geography and Anthropology.
G General Geography, Atlases, Maps.
GA Mathematical geography. Cartography.
GB Physical geography.
GC Oceanography.
GE Environmental sciences.
GF Human ecology. Anthropogeography.
GN Anthropology.
GR Folklore.
GT Manners and customs (General).
GV Recreation. Leisure.
H Social Sciences.
H General Social Sciences.
HA Statistics.
HB Economic theory. Demography.
HC-HD Economic history and conditions.
HE Transportation and communications.
HF Commerce.
HG Finance.
HJ Public finance.
HM Sociology (general).
HN Social history and conditions. Social problems.
HQ The family. Marriage. Women.
HS Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
HT Communities. Classes. Races.
HV Social pathology. Social and public welfare.
HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism.
J Political Science
J General Legislative and Executive Papers.
JA Political Science (General).
JC Political Theory, Theory of the State.
JF Political Institutions and Public Administration.
JK Political Institutions and Public Administration: United States.
JL Political Institutions and Public Administration: America Outside the U.S.
JN Political Institutions and Public Administration: Europe.
JQ Political Institutions and Public Administration: Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania.
JS Local Government.
JV Colonies and Colonization. Emigration and Immigration.
JX International Relations and Law.
K Law
K Law (General).
KD United Kingdom and Ireland.
KE Canada.
KF United States.
KG Central America, Carribbean.
KH South America.
KJ Europe.
L Education
L Education (General).
LA History of Education.
LB Theory and Practice of Education.
LC Social Aspects of Education.
LD Individual Institutions: United States.
LE Individual Institutions: America except United States.
LF Individual Institutions: Europe.
LG Individual Institutions: Asia, Africa, Oceania.
LH College and School Magazines and Papers.
LJ Student Fraternities and Societies in the United States.
LT Multi-Subject Textbooks.
Call letter Subject heading
M Music
M Instrumental and Vocal Music.
ML Literature of Music.
MT Musical Instruction and Study.
N Fine Arts
N Visual Arts (General).
NA Architecture.
NB Sculpture.
NC Illustration, Design, Drawing.
ND Painting.
NE Printing.
NK Decorative Arts, Applied Arts.
NX Arts in General.
P Language and Literature.
P General Lingusitics.
PA Classical Languages and Literature.
PB Modern European Languages, Celtic Languages and Literature.
PC Romance Languages.
PD Old Germanic, Scandinavian.
PE English.
PF Dutch, German.
PG Slavic.
PH Finnish.
PJ Oriental, Semitic.
PK Indo-Iranian.
PL East Asian, African, Oceania.
PM Indigenous American, Artificial Languages.
PN Literary History and Collections.
PQ Romance Literature.
PR English Literature.
PS American Literature.
PT Germanic Literature.
PZ Childrens' Literature.
Q Science
Q General Science.
QA Mathematics, Computer Science.
QB Astronomy.
QC Physics.
QD Chemistry.
QE Geology.
QH Natural History, Biology.
QK Botany.
QL Zoology.
QM Human Anatomy.
QP Physiology.
QR Microbiology.
R Medicine
R General Medicine.
RA Public Aspects of Medicine.
RB Pathology.
RC Internal Medicine.
RD Surgery.
RE Opthalmology.
RF Ear, Nose, and Throat.
RG Gynecology, Obstetrics.
RJ Pediatrics.
RK Dentistry.
RL Dermatology.
RM Therapeutics, Pharmacology.
RS Pharmacy.
RT Nursing.
RV Botanic, Eclectic Medicine.
RX Homeopathy.
RZ Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Mental Healing.
S Agriculture
S Agriculture (General).
SB Plant Culture.
SD Forestry.
SF Animal Culture.
SH Aquaculture.
SK Hunting.
T Technology
T General Technology.
TA General Engineering, General Civil Engineering.
TC Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering.
TD Environmental Technology, Sanitary Engineering.
TE Highway Engineering.
TF Railroads.
TG Bridge Engineering.
TH Building Construction.
TJ Mechanical Engineering.
TK Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering.
TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics.
TN Mining, Metallurgy.
TP Chemical Technology.
TR Photography.
TS Manufactures.
TT Arts and Crafts, Handicrafts.
TX Home Economics.
U Military Science
U Military Science (General).
UA Armies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.
UB Military Administration.
UC Maintenance and Transportation.
UD Infantry.
UE Cavalry, Armored and Mechanized Cavalry.
UF Artillery.
UG Military Engineering, Air Forces, Air Warfare.
UH Other Services.
V Naval Science
V Naval Science (General).
VA Navies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.
VB Naval Administration.
VC Naval Maintenance.
VD Naval Seamen.
VE Marines.
VF Naval Ordnance.
VG Minor Services of Navies.
VK Navigation, Merchant Marine.
VM Naval Engineering, Shipbuilding.
Z Bibliography. Library Science.
Z Books in General. Book Industries and Trade. Libraries. Bibliography.
ZA Information Resources.

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