Library of Congress Classification System

U - Military Science

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U Military Science (General)
UA Armies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.
UB Military Administration
UC Maintenance and Transportation
UD Infantry
UE Cavalry, Armored and Mechanized Cavalry
UF Artillery
UG Military Engineering, Air Forces, Air Warfare
UH Other Services

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Detailed Call Number Ranges for Section: U - Military Science

U 1-900 Military Science (General).
21-22.3 War, Philosophy, Military Sociology
27-43 History of Military Science
164-167.5 Tactics
250-225 Maneuvers (Combined Arms)
320-325 Physical Training of Soldiers
400-714 Military Education and Training
750-773 Military Life, Manners, and Customs
799-897 History of Arms and Armor
UA 10-997 Armies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.
21-880 By Region or Country
910-915 Mobilization
926-927 Civil Defense
929.5-929.95 War Damage in Industry, Industrial Defense
940-945 Military Communications
985-997 Military Geography
UB 1-900 Military Administration.
320-338 Enlistment, Recruiting, Placement, Promotion, Discharge, etc.
340-345 Compulsory Service
356-369.5 Provision for Veterans
380-385 Soldiers' and Saliors' Homes
410-415 Officers
416-419 Minorities, Women, etc. in Armed Forces
UC 10-780 Maintenance and Transportation.
20-258 Organization of the Service
260-267 Supplies and Stores
270-360 Transportation
400-440 Barracks, Quarters, Camps
460-535 Clothing and Equipment
600-695 Horses, Mules, Remount Service
700-780 Subsistence
UD 1-495 Infantry.
157-302 Tactics, Maneuvers, Drill Regulations
380-425 Small Arms
480-485 Airborne Troopes, Parachute Troops
490-495 Airmobile Operations
UE 1-500 Cavalry, Armored and Mechanized Cavalry.
157-302 Tactics, Maneuvers, Drill Regulations
460-475 Horses
UF 1-910 Artillery.
157-302 Tactics, Maneuvers, Drill Regulations
400-405 Field Artillery
520-537 Ordnance and Small Arms
540-545 Arsenals, Magazines, Armories, etc.
560-780 Ordnance Material (Ordnance Proper)
820-830 Ballistics, Velocities and Motions of Projectiles
UG 1-1530 Military Engineering, Air Forces, Air Warfare
1-620 Military Engineering (including fortification, chemical warfare, signaling)
160-302 Tactics and Regulations
360-390 Field Engineering
410-442 Fortifications and Defenses, By Region of Country
443-449 Attack and Defense, Siege Warfare
470-474 Military Surveying, Topography, and Mapping
500-565 Technical Troops and Other Special Corps
570-582 Military Signaling
590-613.5 Military Telegraphy and Telephony
622-1530 Air Forces, Air Warfare
633-635 By Region or Country
637-639 Education and Training
770-1045 Organization, Personnel Management
1097 Air Bases
1100-1435 Equipment and Supplies
1240-1245 Airplanes
1500-1530 Military Astronautics, Space Warfare
UH 20-910 Other Military Services.
20-25 Chaplains
201-485 Medical and Sanitary Service
520-560 Care of Sick and Wounded
750-769 Military Social Work, Social Welfare Services
800-910 Recreation and Information Services

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