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Library of Congress Classification System

L - Education

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L Education (General).
LA History of Education.
LB Theory and Practice of Education.
LC Social Aspects of Education.
LD Individual Institutions: United States.
LE Individual Institutions: America except United States
LF Individual Institutions: Europe
LG Individual Institutions: Asia, Africa, Oceania
LH College and School Magazines and Papers.
LJ Student Fraternities and Societies in the United States.
LT Multi-Subject Textbooks.

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Detailed Call Number Ranges for Section: L - Education

L 7-991 Education (General)
7-97 Periodicals, Societies
101 Yearbooks
107 Congresses
111-791 Official Documents, Reports, etc.
797-898 Educational Exhibitions and Museums
899 School Fairs
900-991 Directories of Educational Institutions
LA 5-2396 History of Education
5-25 General
31-135 By Period
173-186 Higher Education
201-398 United States
410-2284 Other Regions or Countries
2301-2396 Biography
LB 5-3640 Theory and Practice of Education
5-45 General
51-885 Systems of Individual Educators and Writers
1025-1050.7 Teaching (Principles and Practices)
1049.9-1050.75 Reading (General)
1050.9-1091 Educational Psychology
1101-1139 Child Study
1139.2-1139.5 Early Childhood Education
1140-1140.5 Preschool Education
1141-1489 Kindergarten
1501-1547 Primary Education
1555-1602 Elementary or Public School Education
1603-1696.6 Secondary Education, High Schools
1705-2286 Education and Training of Teachers
1771-1773 Certification of Teachers
1775-1785 Professional Aspects of Teaching and School Administrators, Vocational Guidance
1805-2151 State Teachers Colleges
1811-1987 United States
1991-2151 Other Regions or Countries
2165-2278 Teacher Training in Universities and Colleges
2300-2430 Higher Education
2326.4-2330 Institutions of Higher Education
2331.7-2335.8 Teaching Personnel
2335.86-2335.885 Trade Unions
2335.95-2337 Endowments, Trusts, etc.
2337.2-2340.8 Student Financial Aid
2341-2341.95 Supervision and Administration, Business Management
2351-2359 Admission and Entrance Requirements
2361-2365 Curriculum
2366-2367.75 College Examinations
2371-2372 Graduate Education
2381-2391 Academic Degrees
2799-2799.3 Educational Consultants and Consulting
2801-3095 School Administration and Organization
2831.6-2831.99 Administrative Personnel
2832-2844.1 Teaching Personnel
2844.52-2844.63 Trade Unions
3011-3095 School Management and Discipline
3045-3048 Textbooks
3050-3060.87 Educational Tests, Measurements, Evaluations and Examinations
3201-3325 School Architecture and Equipment, School Physical Facilities, Campus Planning
3401-3499 School Hygene, School Health Services
3525-3575 Special Days
3602-3640 School Life, Student Manners and Customs
LC 8-6691 Special Aspects of Education
8-59 Forms of Education
8 General Works
15 Conversation and Culture
25-33 Self-Education, Self-Culture
37-44.3 Home Education
45-45.8 Nonformal Education
47-58.7 Private School Education
58-58.7 Preparatory Schools, Preparatory School Education
59 Public School Education
65-245 Social Aspects of Education
65-67.68 Economic Aspects of Education
68-70 Demographic Aspects of Education
71-120.4 Education and the State
72-72.5 Academic Freedom
107-120.4 Public School Question, Secularization, Religious Instruction in the Public Schools
129-139 Compulsory Education
142-148.5 Attendance, Dropouts
149-161 Literacy, Illiteracy
165-182 Higher Education and the State
184-188 Taxation of Schools and Colleges
189-214.53 Educational Sociology
212-212.863 Discrimination in Education
212.9-212.93 Sex Differences in Education
213-214.53 Educational Equalization, Right to Education
215-238.4 Community and the School
233 Schools as Community Centers
225-226.7 Home and School
230-235 Parent-Teacher Associations
237-238.4 College-University and the Community
241-245 Foundations, Endowments, Funds
251-951 Moral and Religious Education, Education Under Church Control
251-318 Moral Education, Character Building
321-951 Religion and Education, Education Under Church Control
361-629 Christian Education, Church Education
446-454 Orthodox Eastern Church
461-510 Roman Catholic
531-629 Protestant
701-775 Jewish Education
901-915 Islamic Education
921-929.7 Buddhist Education
951 Other
1001-1099.5 Types of Education (humanistic, vocational, and professional)
1001-1024 Humanistic Education, Liberal Education
1022-1022.25 Computer-Assisted Education
1025-1027 Collective Education
1030 Communist Education
1031-1034.5 Competency Based Education
1035-1035.8 Basic Education, Basic Skills Education
1036-1036.8 Community Education
1037-1037.8 Career Education
1041-1048 Vocational Education (General)
1049-1049.8 Cooperative Education
1051-1072 Professional Education
1081-1087.4 Industrial Education (General)
1090-1091 Political Education
1099-1099.5 Intercultural Education (General)
1390-5158 Educating Special Classes of Persons
1390 Boys
1401-2572 Women
2580-2582 Student-Athletes
2601-2611 Education in Developing Countries
2630-2638 Asian Americans, Asians in the United States
2667-2698 Latin Americans, Hispanic Americans
2680-2688 Mexican Americans, Mexicans in the United States
2690-2698 Puerto Ricans, Puerto Ricans in the United States
2699-2913 Blacks, Afro-Americans
3001-3501 Asians
3503-3520 Gipsies
3530-3540 Lapps
3551-3593 Jews
3701-3740 Immigrants or Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities, Bilingual Schools and Bilingual Education
3745-3747 Children of Immigrants
3950-4806.5 Exceptional Children and Youth, Special Education
4812-5160.3 Other Special Classes
5161-5163 Fundamental Education
5201-6660.4 Education Extension, Adult Education, Continuing Education
5451-5493 Aged Education
5501-5560 Evening Schools
5701-5771 Vacation Schools, Summer Schools
5800-5808 Distance Education
5900-6101 Correspondence Schools
6201-6401 University Extension
6501-6560.4 Lyceums and Lecture Courses, Forums
6571-6581 Radio and Television Extension Courses, Instruction by Radio and Television
6601-6660.4 Reading Circles and Correspondence Clubs
6681 Education and Travel
6691 Traveling Education Exhibits
LD 13-7501 Individual Institutions: United States
13-7251 Universities, Colleges
6501 Community Colleges, Junior Colleges
7020-7251 Women's Colleges
7501 Secondary and Elementary Schools
LE 3-78 Individual Institutions: America, except United States
3-5 Canada
7-9 Mexico
11-13 Central America
15-17 West Indies
21-78 South America
LF 14-5477 Individual Institutions: Europe
LG 21-961 Individual Institutions: Asia, Africa, Oceania
LH 1-9 College and School Magazines and Papers
LJ 3-75 Student Fraternities and Societies in the United States
LT 6-501 Multi-Subject Textbooks

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