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Electronic Course Reserve (ECR) Request Form

Please review the Nova Southeastern University Libraries' Copyright Guidelines for Electronic Course Reserves and Faculty Guidelines for requesting electronic course reserve areas prior to submitting this form.

The information placed on Electronic Course Reserve is protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States (TITLE 17 U.S. Code) governing the making of photocopies of copyrighted material.

Please list your readings for this course in an electronic document prior to starting this form. You will be asked to attach this document later.

Course Information:

Instructor (Last name)

Instructor (First Name)

E-mail Address

Phone Extension


Course Name

Course Number

Date Course Begins

Date Course Ends

Number of Students Enrolled in Course

Reserve Document Information:

What is the total number of documents you will be placing on reserve for this course? Due to copyright restrictions no more than 30% of a specific course's required readings may be posted within an ECR.

Check each type of material you intend on posting to this ECR.

Note: Two articles from a journal issue or one chapter, or 10%, from a single work may be posted in an ECR area for one term before copyright permission must be obtained.

Journal Article Book Chapter Power Point Class Notes Other

Do you intend on using any of these materials again for a subsequent ECR for this course? The library staff will contact you to determine which materials will require copyright permissions for future use within an ECR.

Yes, I would like to use all these readings again within a future ECR.
Yes, I would like to use some of these readings again within a future ECR.
No, I do not intend on using these readings again within a future ECR.

When do you anticipate that you will want to re-post these documents for a subsequent ECR for this course?

Please indicate the date of next term.

The first portion of the ECR area request process is now complete. After you click the "Submit Request" button below, you will be directed to another page that will provide instructions on how to submit the print copies of your selected readings to the library staff.


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Last update: 12/28/11