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Wimba Library Training

Wimba is an NSU tool for providing synchronous interactions for people located in a variety of locations. The moderator can share resources, and people in the Wimba session can communicate by voice or chat with others in the session.

  • For scheduled library training sessions with an Alvin Sherman librarian, click on the Wimba link.
  • Before entering, run the Setup Wizard. The link is provided on the right-hand side of the log-on screen. The wizard will verify that you have the correct settings and resources to successfully participate in a Wimba session.
  • If you are an individual participant, it is preferred that you use a headset to prevent distracting background noise and echoing.
  • Once you have run the set-up wizard, type your name in the participant box and click on the Enter button.
  • You should be logged into Wimba's Lab A, and you should be able to see your name at the bottom of the screen in the People box. To communication, you can use the chat box or hold the Talk button down while talking. Be sure to release the button when you are done talking so others can participate.

Library Instruction


Research Modules

Library Handbook

Teaching Materials & Handouts

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  ext. 24613

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