APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources

This guide is a revised and updated version of section 4.16 of the 5th Edition of the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (2001, pp. 268-281). The APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources can be accessed by using your (Last Name) and (NSU ID). PLEASE NOTE: You may only print this document for personal/academic use only.

Key Changes Relating to Using Electronic Resources:

helpconnect.gif Issue Number

Always include the journal issue number, (if available) as well as the volume number (p.2).

See example: p.7 #1

helpconnect.gif Retrieval Statements

Not needed for most journal articles and books if the resource can be accessed easily in print or online (p.3).

Cite the archival copy/version of an electronic document (p.6). If not available, cite the retrieval date (p.2).

See example: p.7 #1

If the document is likely to be updated/changed include a retrieval statement (p.2).

When a resource is not readily available (p.3) add as much retrieval information as needed so others can locate the resource in question.

See examples:

Journals: p.7 #2, p.9 #5
Books: p.10 #7
Dissertations: p.10 #8, p.12 #13

helpconnect.gif Digital Object Identifiers

Use the DOI number when available instead of the URL (p. 3.)

See examples: p.12 #12, p.16 #25

Where do I find the DOI?

helpconnect.gif URL Formatting

URLs can now be broken before most punctuation.

See examples: p.12 #12, p.16 #25

See examples of how to format new types of media (Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis, YouTube, etc.)


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