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Welcome to the Psychology e-Train (Electronic Training)

If you have questions about any of the terminology consult our Glossary of Library and Internet Terms.

The links below for Stations 1-5 open in new browser windows.

Station 1 -- Accessing the databases

Station 2 -- PsycINFO database

Station 3 -- Locating Full-Text Articles (Journal Finder / Find It!)

Station 4 -- NovaCat (online library catalog)

Station 5 -- ILLiad (Document Delivery / Interlibrary Loan)

Station 6 -- Posttest (answer the questions!)

Before you begin, please review the following carefully:

  • Please allow yourself ample time to complete each step. Some stations are web pages. Other stations are videos you watch and click through.
  • If you encounter a module that requires you to click on or type something in a designated area on the page you must do the activities in order to complete that station.

  • When completing the Posstest please ensure your email is correct, as a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must fill out the form by choosing the appropriate circles. Then click on the "Send Information" button.

  • To receive credit for the activity, be sure to forward the confirmation email message to your instructor.

  • If you have any questions/comments about this research module, please email Johanna Tuñon, Head of Distance & Instructional Library Services, at tunon@nova.edu







Please ignore the links below; they are old and not updated.

Station 1 -- Library Services
Station 2 -- Using PsycINFO
Station 3 -- Using ERIC
Station 4 -- Using Illiad
Station 5 -- Finding Full Text Articles using Journal Finder and FindIt!
Station 6 -- Posttest



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