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Ulrich's also identifies refereed journals (also called peer reviewed journals), you can check whether a specific periodical is refereed, or search for refereed journals within general disciplines.

(Note: Refereed / peer reviewed journals are journals where the quality of the articles are reviewed by experts in the field prior to publication.)


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Identifying Refereed Journals

To check whether a specific journal is refereed/peer-reviewed

  • type in the title of the journal in quotes using the search box field
  • click the green search icon

Title search in UlrichsWeb Directory.

The search results will return a list of matching or related titles. To determine if the journal title is refereed/peer-reviewed, select the journal title.

Search result showing matching titles.

Look for the "Referred" column from the journal record. If "Yes" is indicated then the journal is considered refereed/peer-reviewed.

Search result showing journal record.

To search for refereed publications for a general discipline or subject area

  • type a general search term–such as computers or education or psychologyin the Subject field
  • select Refereed in the Features options
  • click the search button

Subject search in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.

The search results will return a list of refereed journal titles for that subject.
Note the refereed icon Refeered icon, as shown below.

Search result showing refereed titles.

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