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Ulrich's also identifies refereed journals (also called peer reviewed journals), you can check whether a specific periodical is refereed, or search for refereed journals within general disciplines.

(Note: Refereed / peer reviewed journals are journals where the quality of the articles are reviewed by experts in the field prior to publication.)


This database may be accessed from the Electronic Resources Section of the Alvin Sherman Library website.

Identifying Refereed Journals

To check whether a specific journal is refereed/peer-reviewed

  • type in the title of the journal in quotes using the search box field
  • click the green search icon

Title search in UlrichsWeb Directory.

The search results will return a list of matching or related titles. To determine if the journal title is refereed/peer-reviewed, select the journal title.

Search result showing matching titles.

Look for the "Referred" column from the journal record. If "Yes" is indicated then the journal is considered refereed/peer-reviewed.

Search result showing journal record.

To search for refereed publications for a general discipline or subject area

  • type a general search term–such as computers or education or psychologyin the Subject field
  • select Refereed in the Features options
  • click the search button

Subject search in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.

The search results will return a list of refereed journal titles for that subject.
Note the refereed icon Refeered icon, as shown below.

Search result showing refereed titles.

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