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Standard and Poor's Net Advantage provides full text investor/business information including stock, bond, and mutual fund guides and reports; earnings and dividends reports; comprehensive company information; industry surveys for 52 major U.S. industries; and directories of companies, executives and security dealers.

This lesson will explain how to find Industry Surveys, Corporation Records, and Stock Reports.


This database may be accessed from the Electronic Resources Section of the Alvin Sherman Library website.

After selecting NetAdvantage from the database list, the following opening screen will display:

Opening screen of NetAdvantage
Opening screen


There are many various ways to search NetAdvantage, including an advanced search feature. This lesson on searching details how to perform three basic searches: an Industry Survey Search, a Corporation Record search, and a Stock Report Search. These three following sections demonstrate how to find this very useful information.

Industry Surveys

What is an industry survey?
An industry survey is an overview of the production and/or sales of a certain type of product or products within an economy. They include such things as: statistics, trends, ratios, profiles, and general descriptions of how an industry operates.

To find industry surveys in NetAdvantage, under the S & P Publication Search heading, select from the drop-down menus.

Industry Surveys.
Locating Industry Surveys

To review a particular industry survey, click on the down arrow in the drop-down menu and select the desired industy.

Choosing an Industry Survey from the drop-down menu
Selecting an Industry Survey


Click Printer Friendly in the upper right hand to print the entire document.

Search Results Screen

Corporation Records

Corporation records are documents that contain specific data for a company. These records can cover a variety of material like the corporations background, earnings, financial data, officers, new, stock information, subsidiaries, and much more.



To search for Corporation Records, return to the opening screen by clicking Home in the top blue navigation bar.

Find the Simple Search box on the right hand side of the screen. Under Resources, click on the down arrow in the drop-down menu and select Corporation Records as shown below.

Under Search by, click on the down arrow in the drop-down menu and select Ticker or Company Name, then in the box under Enter,
enter the ticker or company name.
Click the yellow arrow to search. Yellow arrow icon

Finding corporation records
Finding corporate records

Search Results

The screen displaying Corporation Records will display and the left hand navigation bar can be used to view different types of information such as stock reports on the selected company.

Stock Reports

From the home page of NetAdvantage screen go to the Simple Search Box.

Finding Stock Reports


Choose to search by Stock Reports with the drop-down menu. In the Search By area select Company Name or Ticker.
Next, in the Enter box type in the appropriate Company Name or Ticker
Click the yellow arrow to start searching

Finding Stock Reports

Reports in HTML

To view stock reports in HTML format, from the left-hand column select the HTML link.
Stock Reports in HTML Format

Reports in .PDF

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Return to the left hand menu. This time select PDF.
The document will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Use the Acrobat Reader toolbar to save or print your document.

Stock Reports displayed PDF Format


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