Customized Training

Advanced Level Course

This is the third course in a series of courses presenting information on bioterrorism and all-hazards preparedness and response, appropriate for health care professionals involved in trauma and emergency response (i.e., those who evaluate patients in disasters, administer medications, perform or participate in surgical procedures, and/or perform diagnostic procedures). Included are lectures and COSCEs.

Casualty Objective Standardized Clinical Examinations (COSCEs) are an adaptation of the Objective Standardized Clinical Examination (OSCE) system of evaluation. OSCEs employ scenarios and a trained standardized patient to simulate, in a standardized manner, the symptoms of a disease state. A checklist is used to evaluate the simulation in a psychometrically sound manner. The COSCE adapts this format utilizing a standardized casualty or victim (or multiples casualties) simulating the result of a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or other public health emergency. Again, a validated checklist is used to evaluate cognitive, psychomotor, and interpersonal skills.

Simulated casualty patients are used to enhance the Advanced Course. These patients are trained by professionals to simulate certain traumatic symptoms involved in a possible catastrophe in order for health care professionals to evaluate their response and preparedness in emergency situations.

In it's entirety, this course is provided by live presentation as a two-day seminar, using one day for biologic terrorism and the other for radiologic terrorism (16 hours in total). This course can also be provided in stand-alone parts. Continuing education is available for selected disciplines. Please contact us for more information.