B.S. in Recreational Therapy


The bachelor's program in Recreational Therapy is comprised of 120 credit hours. The program consists of a general education section, a core course section and the concentration(s) selected by the student.

Core Courses (3 Credits Each)

The Bachelor of Science in Recreational Therapy, including the concentration and field experience is a 120 credit program.  The program consists of 30 credits in general education, and 54 credits within the major, which includes 6-credits of supervised field experience in Recreational Therapy. In addition, students will be required to complete one of the three 12 credit concentrations within the program, and may choose up to 24 credits of open electives. The open elective courses may be selected to count toward an additional 12-credit concentration(s) of their choice, which will be recorded on the student’s transcripts.

Core course requirements include:

Concentration Course Requirements (Select One)

Child Life and Development

Adult Therapeutic Services

Health and Recreation Management

Courses can be applied toward other undergraduate majors or minors at NSU and toward elective credit. Courses will also serve to meet requirements for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreational Therapy. Additionally, successful completion of Concentration Emphasis Areas will be reflected on the student’s transcript.


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