Psychology Postdoctoral Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

The annual salary for the one year NSU Residency is set at $29,887.89. All postdoctoral positions include health insurance. Residents receive 3 weeks of annual leave up front, to be used within the 12 month position; 11 days of sick leave which is earned (2 during the 1st 3 months and 1 for each additional month); 2 personal days and all official NSU holidays. See for list of official days. Residents are allowed time off to attend approved educational conferences or job interviews. Additionally, resources are available for conferences.

The Residency year will begin in September.

Residency positions are full time and require one year of full time supervised training experiences. All postdoctoral residents will spend a minimum of 30 hours a week, or 75% of their time, providing professional psychological services.

Each Residency rotation is coordinated by an appropriately credentialed NSU staff psychologist who serves as the Resident's supervisor. Supervisors work closely with their Resident throughout the training rotation to plan, supervise, and evaluate his/her training activities. The final responsibility for the Residency program rests with the Chief Psychologist who delegates routine responsibilities to the Training Director or the site supervisors.

Satisfactory completion of the Nova Southeastern Postdoctoral Program fulfills the licensure requirements for postdoctoral supervised practice in the state of Florida.

Residents formally evaluate their training experiences and supervisors annually. Standard rating forms are provided for this purpose. Informal evaluations of the residency is a continuing process in which residents are encouraged to bring up issues, concerns, and suggestions throughout the year to their supervisors, the Training Committee, and the training director. Exit interviews are also conducted by the training director and chief psychologist to gain additional information regarding Resident-staff interactions and suggestions for improvement. This information is reviewed by the training director and the chief psychologist for making program changes during the current year and planning the following year's program. Resident applicants are welcome to review these evaluation forms and reports during their interview visit.

Residents receive a formal, written quarterly evaluation from their rotation supervisor. These evaluations are intended to be a progress report for residents to gain professional feedback and recommendations and to help them focus on specific goals and areas of work. Final quarter evaluations will also provide specific feedback and serve to help the resident develop as a professional. Upon completion, copies of the resident's and the supervisor's evaluations are kept in the resident's training file.

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