B.S. in Human Services Administration - Aviation


Learn more about scholarships available for aviation students.  Please be sure to read the requirements indicated for each scholarship.

Beginning Fall 2015, A new scholarship opportunity will be available to Human Factors in Aviation students. Award Amount: $73,000 one-time award. Click Here for more information.

Tuition and Fees

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Current tuition rates for the 2014-2015 academic year are as follows:

Tuition Rates
Tuition ($715 per Credit Hour) $85,800 $85,800
Lab Fees $37,267.50 $73,922.50
Total Program Cost $123,067.50 $159,722.50
Please note that all above fees are subject to change without notice. Students should anticipate an annual review of fees by the university and possible increases.
Financial Aid

For information regarding financial aid please visit: www.nova.edu/financialaid/index.html

Institute for the Study of Human Service, Health, and Justice
Bachelor of Science in Human Services Administration

Human Factors in Aviation Concentration
2014-2015 Course Fees

System Analysis of the impact of Human Factors on Decision Making in Aviation
(Private Pilot I)
40 $235.22/ hour $9,408.75 40 $235.22/ hour $9,408.75
Strategic Forecasting of and Evaluation of Human Performance Factors in Aviation
(Private Pilot II)
40 $235.22/ hour $9,408.75 40 $235.22/ hour $9,408.75
Integration of Technical Foundations of Flight Management (Instrument Rating) 75 $246/ hour $18,450 75 $246/ hour $18,450
Application of Fundamental Competencies In Commercial Aviation (Multi Engine Commercial) 170 $104.24/ hour $17,720
Leadership Principles & Effective Communication in Flight Instruction (CFI) 15 $1,262.33/ hour $18,935
Total 155 $37,267.50 340 $73,922.50

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