Pilot Interview Opportunity - Human Services in Administration

Pilot Interview Opportunity

NSU and American Flyers entered into agreements with Express Jet Airlines, Inc., Piedmont Airlines, Mountain Air Cargo, and Silver Airways to offer a special opportunity to our graduates!

Express Jet Airlines Inc., Piedmont Airlines, Mountain Air Cargo, and Silver Airways have agreed to guarantee an interview to NSU Flight training graduates who meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduate from either
    1. Nova Southeastern University's focus in Aviation, Human Services Administration Bachelor’s Degree with a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher with a 2.75 within their major, or
    2. American Flyers' Certified Flight Instructor course and;
  2. Complete the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Multiengine Land and Instrument Airplane ratings preferably at American Flyers and;
  3. Obtain the CFI, CFII and preferably MEI certificate and complete the instructor standardization course at American Flyers and;
  4. Hold a First Class Medical Certificate at the start of flight training, and at time of the final interview with the Airlines, and;
  5. Acquire Advanced Jet Training (AJT) at American Flyers or through an Airline approved training facility, and;
  6. Maintain an excellent work ethic and obtain letter(s) of recommendation from American Flyers and Nova Southeastern University if applicable, and;
  7. Sign a release form authorizing the Airline to review the pilot's academic, aeronautical, and other NSU and American Flyers and FAA records, and;
  8. Be competitive with and meet the same standards of interview and employment required of other candidates applying for pilot positions with the Airline, and;
  9. Pass any background checks required by FAA, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, Airline or any other governmental department, administration, or agency.