Unicorn Children's Foundation Clinic

The Unicorn Children's Foundation Clinic provides comprehensive psycho-developmental evaluations for those who are exhibiting developmental delays, early childhood behavioral difficulties, or are suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder.  Additionally, the clinic serves adolescents and adults for autism and developmental disabilities for diagnostic and reassessment purposes.

The assessment battery, administered under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, is individualized for each child. A typical assessment battery may include the following: behavioral and/or “Gold Standard” autism diagnostic assessments, developmental assessments to measure the child's current levels of intellectual and developmental functioning, psycho-educational assessments to measure academic and pre-academic achievement, and adaptive behavior assessment to assess the child's competence in meeting independent needs and satisfying the social demands of his/her environment.

The primary goals of the evaluation are to identify current levels of functioning, facilitate diagnostic decisions, assess developmental skills, and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the child in order to provide individualized recommendations for treatment and service planning.  Recommendations are explained thoroughly so the family understands the purpose for each recommendation and how to proceed after the evaluation is complete.

The Unicorn Children's Foundation Clinic was established through a lead gift from the Unicorn Children's Foundation, which is dedicated to helping all children with communication and learning disorders.  The clinic is housed in NSU's Mailman Segal Center for Human Development, home to the Baudhuin Preschool, an internationally recognized model program for children aged 3-5 with autism spectrum disorder, The Academy, a private school for prekindergarten and kindergarten for students who require an individualized education program focusing on social-communication, behavioral self-regulation, and independent functioning, and Starting Right, for children 18 month to 36 months of age diagnosed with, or at risk for, an autism spectrum disorder.

Please complete the confidential parent questionnaire, print a completed copy, and bring it to your first appointment.