M.S. in Counseling | Advanced ABA Practicum Requirements

Practicum is a type of university course designed to provide prospective clinicians with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, and gain experience in a specific field of study, under the supervision of a licensed/certified professional. Most graduate (and some undergraduate) programs in the Human Services fields offer practicum opportunities to students as part of their curriculum.

The program currently offers three consecutive semesters of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practica options as electives for students enrolled in the MS in Counseling program with an ABA or advanced ABA specialty track. Students enrolled in the program who are interested in pursuing practicum must successfully complete ABA 710 as a pre-requisite. Each practicum semester extends over 15 weeks, during which students must complete from 20-25 hours a week at an NSU-approved ABA practicum site. During practica, students will be responsible for receiving weekly supervision from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for a minimum of 10% of their weekly time. Practicum students will also be responsible for completing course assignments and attending group supervision once a week provided by their practicum instructor. Students entering practicum training may find it necessary to make special arrangements with their employer, including taking a leave of absence, to fulfill this requirement. Students will need to arrange their schedules to complete this degree requirement.

Information pertaining to how to apply for practicum is sent via NSU email accounts to all students enrolled in the ABA tracks several times each academic semester. Application deadlines are included in the aforementioned correspondences, as well as follow-up steps. Students will be responsible for researching and providing contact information regarding their practicum site choices without directly contacting said sites to an appropriate CPS representative. This information will then be forwarded to the NSU ABA Practicum Coordinator who will contact the practicum site on the student's behalf and negotiate the placement. Given the competitiveness of available positions, please be advised that practicum placement is not guaranteed. Below please find a list of currently approved local and distant ABA companies affiliated with NSU that offer practicum opportunities.

  1. A Better Day Learning Center, Inc. /New Way Day Services, Inc. – Florida (Miami Dade County)
  2. ABA of Illinois, LLC – Illinois (Chicago and other areas)
  3. Achievement and Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. (AKA ARC Broward) – Florida (Broward County)
  4. Adams-Hanover Counseling Services, Inc. – Pennsylvania (Hanover)
  5. Advances Learning Center – Massachusetts (Watertown) 
  6. Agency for Behavioral Services, Inc. – North Florida & Georgia
  7. Alachua County School Board – Florida (Gainesville)
  8. Applied Behavior Center for Autism, Inc. – Florida (Oviedo & Winter Garden)
  9. Applied Behavioral Services – Ohio (Cincinnati)
  10. Autism and Behavior Services – Tennessee (Chattanooga)
  11. Autism Early Intervention Clinics, LLC – Florida (St. Petersburg)
  12. Autism Home Support Services – Illinois (Northbrook)
  13. Behavior Analysis, Inc. – Florida (Miami Dade & Broward Counties)
  14. Behavior Basics, Inc. – Florida (Palm City)
  15. Behavior Intervention Services, LLC – Missouri (Creve Coeur)
  16. Behavior Therapy Associates, P.A. – New Jersey (Summerset)
  17. Butterfly Effects, LLC – Florida & Several other states (please visit www.butterflyeffects.com)
  18. Child Development Program - Connecticut
  19. Childnet, Inc. – Florida (Broward County)
  20. Children's Autism Center of Texas – Texas (Round Rock)
  21. Classic Rehabilitation, Ltd./NJ ABCs – New Jersey
  22. Connec-to-talk, LLC – Connecticut (Wilton & Stamford)
  23. Creative Behavior Solutions, LLC – Florida (Seminole & Miami-Dade)
  24. Developing Positive Changes – Florida (Orlando & Suncoast)
  25. Developmental Behavioral Health, Inc. – Colorado (Colorado Springs)
  26. Developmental Intervention Specialists, Inc. – Florida (Lake Clarke Shores)
  27. Devereux Florida – Florida (Several Counties)
  28. Dubuque Community School District – Iowa (Dubuque)
  29. El Paso State Supported Living Facility – Texas (El Paso)
  30. Florida Autism Center – Florida (Sanford, Daytona, & Tallahassee)
  31. Foundations Therapy, Inc. – Florida (Coral Springs)
  32. Helping Hands Children Services, Inc. – New York (Huntington)
  33. Integrated Behavioral Solutions – Georgia (Atlanta)
  34. Lovaas Center for Autism – Florida (Broward County)
  35. Mailman Segal Center for Human Development – Nova Southeastern University – Florida (Davie)
  36. Manhattan Children's Center – New York (Manhattan)
  37. Marcus Autism Center – Georgia (Atlanta)
  38. Monarch Center for Autism – Ohio (Cleveland)
  39. Natalie Sweeting, LLC. – Florida (Key West)
  40. Navigation Behavioral Consulting, LLC – Virginia (Virginia Beach)
  41. Northwest Behavioral Associates – Washington State (Bellevue)
  42. Pacific ABA Academy – British Colombia, CA (Surrey & Langley)
  43. Pinnacle Academy, Inc. – Florida (Bradenton)
  44. Positive Behavior Interventions – Florida (West Coast)
  45. Positive Behavior Supports Corp. – Florida (Stuart)
  46. Progressive Behavioral Science – Florida (Broward & Miami-Dade)
  47. Quest Kids, Inc. – Florida (Orlando)
  48. Reaching Potentials – Florida (Boca Raton) & Virginia (Fredericksburg)
  49. Renaissance Learning Academy – Florida (West Palm Beach)
  50. Reveresco ABA Therapy, LLC – Florida (Pompano Beach)
  51. Rock Point Academy – Florida (Lake Clarke Shores)
  52. Sandy Pines – Florida (North of West Palm Beach; Tequesta)
  53. Shaping Change – Florida (Cooper City)
  54. Southwest Autism and Behavioral Solutions – Nevada (Las Vegas)
  55. Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center – Arizona (Phoenix)
  56. Spectrum Center for Autism and Related Disorders – Alabama (Dothan)
  57. The Cadenza Center for Psychotherapy & the Arts – Florida (Broward County)
  58. The Art in Me: A Center for Behavior Therapy and Counseling – Louisiana (Metairie)
  59. The Behavioral Intervention Group – Louisiana (Baton Rouge)
  60. The Mariposa School for Children with Autism – North Carolina (Cary)
  61. The Nexus School – Pennsylvania (Huntingdon Valley)
  62. The Scott Center for Autism Treatment – Florida (Melbourne)
  63. The Victory Center – Florida (Miami-Dade)
  64. Verbal Beginnings, LLC – Maryland (Perry Hall)
  65. Vursatyle Youth Solutions – Florida (West Coast)
  66. World Evolve, Inc. (former Automaticity, Inc.) – Florida (Miami Dade & Broward Counties)

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