Installing Spybot

Installation Instructions

Spybot will detect and remove the spyware infection from your computer. If you already have Spybot installed and set up, click here to proceed to the instructions for using the program.

It is highly recommended that you print this page before beginning.

  1. Click here and then Download Now to download Spybot.
    File Download Window
  2. Click Run and you will see the following window:
    Security Warning Window
  3. Click Run and you will be prompted to choose a language from the drop-down menu.
    Select Setup Language
  4. Choose your language and click OK.
    Welcome Installation Screen for Spybot
  5. Click Next to begin using the Spybot Setup Wizard.
    License Agreement Window for Spybot
  6. Make sure you select "I accept the agreement", then click Next.
    Select Destination Location screen for Spybot Installation
  7. Leave the location as it is by default (shown above), then click Next.
    Select components screen for Spybot
  8. Leave the default checkmarks as they are and also check "Download updates immediately". Click Next.
  9. You will see the following window - leave it as it is, then click Next.
    Select Start Menu Folder
  10. In the window that follows you can select the tasks you wish to perform. We recommend using the default settings (tasks that are already selected). Click Next.
    Select additional tasks screen
  11. Click Install.
    Install Screen
  12. You will see the following window, confirming that the files are being downloaded and installed to your computer.
    Download screen for additional files to install on your computer
  13. When the program is finished installing, you will see the following window. Click Install and it will begin downloading some of the updates.
    Included updates setup for Spybot
  14. Once it is finished you will see a confirmation window (not shown). Click Close. You will see the following window - click Finish.
    Complete setup screen

If you would like more information on spyware, viruses, and other malicious software, click on the following link to Microsoft: Spyware, virus and malware info