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With a focus on learning, we employ a range of strategies to support innovation, collaboration across centers, and university-wide discussion and decision-making


Tenth Annual Grant Winners 2009-2010

Don Rosenblum, Ph.D.

Donald M Baird, Ph.D.

Title: Development of a Model for Drug Tranfer Using Porous Materials Created at NSU


Grant Winners 2009-2010

The study of porous materials based on metal-organic frameworks, MOF's, has been an expanding area of research world-wide within recent years. This is due to the possible applications of these materials in fields such as gas storage, catalysis and drug delivery. The delivery of catalysts or drugs would involve the adsorption of these species into a framework from one solvent system and delivery of the adsorbed species to another solvent system. Frameworks with channels and voids of known shape and size are the best candidates for this application. My students and I have been involved in the use of compounds based on derivatives of bis(pyridylimino)isoindoline as building blocks for the successful construction of new MOF frameworks with well characterized channels. The adsorption and desorption properties of one of these frameworks will be studied using a variety of liquids and gases. The knowledge gained from these studies is expected to result in the design of a model for drug or catalyst delivery.