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With a focus on learning, we employ a range of strategies to support innovation, collaboration across centers, and university-wide discussion and decision-making


The purpose of the Administrative Student Services Council is to propose and implement university-wide recruitment, admissions and enrollment management processes and procedures. In response to institutional growth, technological advancements and governance decisions the Council proposes, drafts and presents policy statements to NSU administration for approval. The ASSC meets monthly to promote communication about and adherence to admissions policies and procedures. The ASSC membership is comprised of representatives of central administrative services and representative(s) of Admissions Departments in each University school, college or center. One school, college or center representative is listed as assigned by administration in the list that follows.


Administrative Services Representatives

Name Department Phone
David Lee
Executive Director
Enrollment and Student Services
Elaine Brenner Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.5262
Jon Close Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.5284
Marilyn Davis Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7413
David Dawson University Relations 954.262.2119
Maria Dillard Undergraduate Admissions 954.262.8051
Kay Dobson Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.5209
Barry Fennell Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.5221
Etta Fleischer Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7461
Marla Frohlinger Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.1107
Mary Harward Innovation and Information Technology 954.262.4994
Brian Hodge Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7416
Gay Holliday Student Affairs 954.262.7281
Joey Jankie Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7249
Jackie Jones Innovation and Information Technology 954.262.4990
David Lee Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7402
Georgia Mally Innovation and Information Technology 954.262.4989
Stacy Pena-Villalobos Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7432
Elaine Poff Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7261
Liza Romansky Undergraduate Admissions 954.262.8137
James Vatral Enrollment and Student Services 954.262.7241
Gabriella Vignolo University Relations 954.262.5355

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Academic Center Representatives

Name Department Phone
Nancy Azoulay Computer and Information Sciences 954.262.2026
Barbara Berner Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences 954.262.8143
Rick Davis College of Health Care Sciences 954.262.1203
Nicole Dean Oceanographic Center 954.262.3600
Missy Dore Oceanographic Center 954.262.3610
Russell Garner Criminal Justice Institute 954.262.7001
Claire Gallicano HPD/PHR 954.262.1100
Betty Harris College of Pharmacy 954.262.1100
Twyla Herrington Oceanography 954.262.3600
Lenny Jacobskind Abraham S. Fischler School of Education 954.262.8358
Jennifer McIntyre Shepard Broad Law Center 954.262.6079
Jennifer Quiñones Nottingham Abraham S. Fischler School of Education 954.262.8624
David Tyree Abraham S. Fischler School of Education 954.262.8290
Bart Whitehead College of Osteopathic Medicine 954.262.1495

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2011 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

  • January 11th - HSBE Room 5026
  • February 8th - HSBE Room 5026
  • March 8th - HSBE Room 5026
  • April 12th - HSBE Room 5026
  • May 10th - HPD Chancellors Conference Room
  • June 14th - HSBE Room 5026
  • No meeting in July
  • August 9th - HSBE Room 5026
  • September 13th - HSBE Room 5026
  • October 11th - HSBE Room 5026
  • November 8th - HPD Chancellors Conference Room
  • December 13th - HSBE Room 5026

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Major Initiatives

  • Implementation and Coordination of Policies, Procedures, and Processes for University-wide Admissions and Student Enrollment

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