Treasury Operations

Treasury operations maintain, monitors, and direct the general accounting functions of the University.  This office is responsible for maintaining banking relationships, monitoring and reporting the financial status of the endowment, foundation and annuity funds.  All investments for both restricted and unrestricted cash are directed by this office.  In addition, the office maintains and conducts debt administration, debt service records, plant and construction transactions and creates and monitors all cash handling policies and procedures.

Document Reference

When there is a question about a document reference on a banner screen, record the document reference below and contact the responsible department. For all others, call Treasury Operations at (954) 262-5297.

  • F Documents (F with seven digits):
    Computer generated and originate in Payroll or Accounts Receivable.
  • J Documents (J with seven digits):
    Cash transmittals and originate in the Bursar's or Treasury Operations.

Our Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Treasury Office (Contact All Staff)  
Email All Staff
Jeffrey Lowe University Treasurer (954) 262-5293
Email Jeffrey Lowe
James Lai Associate Controller (954) 262-5245
Email Raul Herrero
Roselande Felix-Personna Staff Accountant (954) 262-5210
Email Roselande Felix
Kevin Forde Staff Accountant (954) 262-5791
Email Kevin Forde
Ava Davis Electronic Payment Services Coordinator (954) 262-5298
Email Ava Davis
Raul Herrero Accounting Technician (954) 262-5297
Email Raul Herrero
Lisa Torres Accounting Assistant (954) 262-5285
Email Raul Herrero