Risk Management

Policies and Procedures


The University is covered for claims brought against it by third parties alleging personal injury to themselves or loss or damage to their property. Such claims are covered arising out of the regular business activities of the University or other special activities sanctioned by the University.

When an injury occurs:

  • Call 911 first, then NSU's Public Safety Office (954-262-8999).
  • Refrain from making any statements regarding liability or payment of bills.
  • Do not remove anything from the premises, unless it creates a safety hazard.
  • Call 911 if injury occurs off campus and report the occurrence to the Public Safety Office. Public Safety will complete an incident report and forward the report to the Risk Management Office.
  • For work related injuries, contact your supervisor immediately, as well as Public Safety. Have your supervisor complete a Worker's Compensation First Report of Injury form and forward it to the Risk Management Office.

For additional information, please go to NSU's Public Safety Office web site.