Budget Administration

Income and Expense Code Directory

Codes with an asterisk are being called to your attention as they are new or changed since the last directory.

Please do not hesitate to contact Cindy Gross, University Controller, extension 25222 or Ginny Pardo, University Budget Officer, extension 25251, with questions about these or any other codes.

Thank you for your careful attention in using codes accurately.

New Or Changed Codes

Code Title Description
0199 Income – Transfers for Undergraduate Scholarships
finance use only (this is a new code)
0189 Code Description
9005 Capital Expense – Software Development
only for use by OIIT on Plant fund accounts (new code)
0952 Code Description
3732 Other Network Expenses
Computer network services from outside vendors, including expenses for wiring and related parts, and OIIT charges for jacks and outlets. (existing account with additional information)
1029 Code Description