Accounts Payable

Functions of Accounts Payable

Payments to Vendors

IRS Requirements

IRS Form W-9 must be submitted by all domestic vendors to provide NSU with their Employer Identification Number and Tax Filing Status, as required by the IRS. IRS Form W-8 must be submitted by foreign business entities to confirm their status.

Purchase Order Forms

Most University acquisitions are initiated with a Purchase Order (PO). Information required: Vendor name and address, Department's name and address (on the Inv/Ship to section), quantity and description of merchandise(s), unit price and total price, 10-digit departmental index/account number, requisitioner's signature, signature of University official authorized to approve charges to the account. All capital acquisitions must be processed on a PO for the specific acquisition being made only. Send Purchase Orders to the University Purchasing Office.  The University Purchasing Office, in conjunction with Financial Operations, will process Purchase Orders if: (1) the acquisition relates to University business, (2) if a qualified vendor has been chosen and (3) there is available budget in the designated account.

Prepaid Purchase Orders should be issued ONLY for vendors that do not bill NSU directly. In addition to stating the acquisition being made, if the check is needed by a certain date, state this on the PO's Description area. Send the PO to the University Purchasing office, who will encumber it and forward it to Accounts Payable for payment. The check along with the PO, will be sent back to the University Purchasing Office for execution.

After goods are received and the department receives the invoice, the invoice should be signed off to acknowledge receipt of goods and to grant payment approval before forwarding to Accounts Payable. Partial shipments should be noted on the invoice that the order is not fully executed and further goods are to be shipped and billed. If an order is complete, any remaining encumbrance dollars can be released and made available to you provided you notify Accounts Payable that the order is complete.

Purchase Order forms are available from the Purchasing Office.

Check Request Forms

Check Requests Forms are issued to pay vendors when goods were not initially requested by purchase order and to pay individual people. Check Requests should be sent to the Budget Department of Financial Operations.

Departmental Pre-approved Payments

Various vendors have NSU's Departmental Code list, which identifies the University expense accounts. The vendors generate semimonthly invoices consolidated by the Departmental Code and send the original invoice directly to Accounts Payable. No further action by the department is needed to get execute payment. If charges are disputed, the department is to contact the vendor. Any adjustment will appear on a subsequent billing cycle.

Payments in Foreign Currency

Please make Accounts Payable aware of foreign vendors, who request payment in foreign currency. Accounts Payable will perform this transaction with our bank. Your department will be charged the appropriate U.S. dollars necessary to perform this transaction.

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