Accounts Payable

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below frequently asked questions regarding payments to our vendors, people payments, and travel expenditures and guidelines. For more information, please visit our Functions of Accounts Payable information.

FAQ Payments to Vendors

How long does it take for a PO or a Check Request to be processed by Finance?

Usually three days. First, the University Purchasing Office reviews for purchase needs, reasonable price and a qualified vendor. Second, Budget verifies funds availability. Third, Accounts Payable processes and cuts the check for payment to vendors.

How do I find out my Departmental Code number or get one assigned to my account?

To get a Departmental Code, contact the Purchasing Department at (954) 262-8841.

Which vendors are paid through the departmental pre approved payments process?

Avis, American Express, Chartwells, Enterprise Rent A Car, Federal Express, FPL, NSU Bookstore, Office Depot, Toshiba and Universal Travel.

Can payments be made in foreign currency to foreign vendors?

Yes, if a foreign vendor wishes to be paid in foreign currency, Accounts Payable will perform this transaction through NSU's bank.

FAQ People Payments

How often do I submit a check request to replenish my petty cash account?

A good rule of thumb is to submit a check request when you have approximately 50% of the petty cash's cash balance tied up in receipts.

Who is entitled to moving expenses?

Usually faculty and upper administration is entitled to moving expenses and coordinated with Human Resources.

If I am in a bind, can I use the NSU SunTrust VISA card for a personal matter?

No, when signing for the card, you acknowledge the card's usage, which negates personal use. Personal use will result in termination of the card.

Where can I present the Fla. Sales Tax Exemption Certificate?

The certificate can be presented to any merchant in the State who would otherwise tax the purchase you are making on behalf of NSU.

How do I know if I have been reimbursed via direct deposit for an A/P disbursement?

You can check in the Banner system (form FAIVNDH), or read your e-mail messages. An e-mail will be sent telling you how much was deposited into your CHECKING account.

I want to hire someone to assist me in setting up a new program but the individual wishes to be treated as an independent contractor and not be taxed at this time?

You can hire an individual to set up a program for you and acknowledge this person as a consultant PROVIDED this person is given an overview of what you wish to obtain, and this person only follows up with you periodically to show you progress made BUT you cannot be instrumental in the person's results, methods, provide them working location, or equipment, or instruct them on what to do.

FAQ Travel Expenditures and Guidelines

If I attend a conference where I have relatives living, can I go a few days earlier on the same airline reservation for the business trip?

As long as there is no additional cost to the University for these arrangements and it is approved by your supervisor, there is no problem.

Can my spouse join me on a business trip?

Family members may join the traveler provided it will not result in additional expense to the University. If additional costs are incurred for room upgrades, etc. the traveler must reimburse the University and provide an explanation on the Travel Expense Report.

What criteria establishes the mileage reimbursement rate?

NSU adopts the mileage rate set by the IRS.

I do not fly, so how do I get reimbursed?

NSU will reimburse you up to the amount it would cost to fly you round-trip. The 21-day rule still applies. Therefore, contact the Travel Office to establish rate amount and attach the "mock" travel itinerary to your expense account.

What do I do if I have an unused ticket?

All unused tickets must be returned to the Travel Office within ten days of completion of the travel.

I will require special seating arrangements once I get to the airport and while sitting on the carrier. Are any provisions made on my behalf in order to address these issues?

It is NSU's policy to abide by the guidelines set force by the American Disability Act (ADA). Please mention your needs to the Travel Office when making travel arrangements.

I will be conducting a trip, which is being subsidized by the Federal government. Are there any stipulations associated with this that I should know about and should I mention this to the Travel Office when making my reservations?

Yes, you the traveler must inform the Travel Office of any travel that is to be paid for by the federal government. The Travel Office will go over any specifics with you.

I am a senior citizen, as such, should this be something the Travel Office needs to take into consideration?

Yes, by all means. There will be senior citizen discounts applied. Also, certain conference and hotels will also extend senior citizen discounts.

Will I be reimbursed for items purchased from the mini-bar?

Yes, if claimed as part of the daily meal expense.

Can I claim car mileage and turn in my gas receipts to be reimbursed?

No, gas receipts are only reimbursable with rental car receipts. The mileage rate covers normal “wear and tear” of the vehicle and gasoline.

What happens if I do not keep my receipts for any of my expenses?

Per IRS guidelines, expenses paid or reimbursed without appropriate documentation will be treated as income to the individual and subject to employment taxes and W-2 reporting.

Can my credit card statement or cancelled check serve as a receipt?

No. Examples of appropriate receipts/documentation requires written explanation of business purpose or, conference/itinerary or schedule of events; detailed hotel receipt, or cash register or credit card receipt showing itemized charges.