Occupational Therapy (DrOT)

About Program

The mission of this practice doctorate is to prepare occupational therapists that possess the knowledge and skills to become leaders in the practice of occupational therapy using evidence-based practice. Graduates will direct occupational therapy and rehabilitation services in traditional arenas; develop and lead innovative programs and services in the community; establish private practices; serve as consultants to business and industry and the judicial, educational, or health care systems; and move into position to influence public policy decisions as they impact individual and societal engagement in occupation.

This program is designed for the working professional who is looking for flexibility in a distance format for advancing their career. Our Dr.OT students range from goal-oriented individuals who have just completed their Masters, to very experienced clinicians who share their knowledge in the dynamic online learning environments.

The benefits of clinical doctoral education are many and include:

You can be on the cutting edge of making a difference for your own professional development, as well as contributing to the profession's advancement in so many ways. In addition, doctoral education will enhance your ability to meet the diverse occupational needs in our society.

The Dr.OT program is offered through NSU's online learning management systems, a distance learning course format. Students complete two courses per semester traveling to campus at the mid-semester for two to four days of intensive coursework. The rest of the semester's work will be completed from the student's home through readings, writing, community experiences, online assignments, and discussions, with the professor as facilitator.

All Dr.OT students must successfully complete the required core courses and select their remaining courses, in consultation with the Dr.OT Program Director, based upon their professional interests and goals. A capstone paper and 90 hour clinical residency are required.