Inter-professional Diabetes Education and Awareness (IDEA)

Power Over Diabetes: Diabetes Management & Prevention

Our Mission: NSU seeks to address the pressing needs of diabetes management and prevention in Broward County by cultivating the knowledge and experience of interprofessional healthcare teams and leveraging the networks and capacities of partnering organizations.

Nova Southeastern University is sponsoring a series of community programs with the hope to increase awareness about diabetes and provide practical lessons to improve the health of the participants and their families in Broward County. Interprofessional teams of faculty and students  from the Colleges of Health Care Sciences, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy, and Optometry will present on important topics such as 'Diabetes and Healthy Eating,' 'Diabetes and Medical Management,' and 'Diabetes and Eye Health'. Each seminar is a free, one-hour long session that is open to the community. There will be a Q&A portion at each session where you can ask health professionals questions about diabetes management.

This year, the IDEA initiative is proud to announce that workshops will also be held in Spanish to reach even more members of the community. If you, or someone you know, would like to attend a free community workshop to be hosted at a local site, please email