The mission of the CHCSTLA is to provide practical faculty development programming for faculty members while serving as a valuable resource to those who are interested in achieving and promoting teaching excellence, improving student learning outcomes, and encouraging ongoing professional and scholarly engagement.

Sandra Dunbar CAPE Dean's Office - Main CAPE Coordinator
Sonia Kay TLA OT – Main Chair Email
Melissa Lazinski TLA PT – Tampa Co-Chair
Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez TLA PT – Main Secretary
John Rafalko TLA PA, Main Fellowship & Awards Committee Chair  
Jacqueline Reese-Walter TLA OT – Main Programming Committee Chair
Rose Colon TLA HS - Main Admissions Committee Chair

Sam Cheng

RA PT - Main

Nicole Quint

LMA OT - Main
Heather Saifman TLA/LMA NSG – Miami  
Keiba Shaw LMA PT – Tampa  
Lisa Soontupe LMA NSG – Main  
Lonette Spence TLA VS - Main
Sabrina Stern TLA NSG – Main  
Kris Winston LMA NSG – Main