Stories of Change

Teaching and Learning are NSU International Affairs

Top Center Photo: Education gained Laura Fideli her position as a researcher in European Projects at University of Macerata.

Dr. Anthony J. DeNapoli is Dean of International Affairs. He speaks six languages. He's devoted to bringing innovative education to NSU's International Students. He's successful. Gomi knows. In Seoul, Dr. DeNapoli administered Gomi's English Language exam.

Gomi Kwon says NSU "helped open my eyes toward the world." She began online in Korea through the Abraham S. Fischler School of Education. For teachers knowledge is not enough. Understanding student diversity is critical to education. Gomi says NSU understands "the person living in the global world."

As of 2009, NSU programs are offered in 18 countries. Dr. DeNapoli brings NSU programs to more countries in need.

NSU distance learning understands Anna Gates' needs. Anna's a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) professional in Ecuador. After 15 years, Anna craved formal TEFL education. Anna's the director of English programs at Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja. NSU allows Anna to work while obtaining a U.S. degree.

Anna is receiving a "much deeper interchange than I had ever experienced."

Anna compares it to her traditional undergraduate studies. Fischler School exchange is dynamic. Analysis, observations, and feedback enrich discussion boards. Clarity and organization mark NSU distance education. Anna says course syllabi are guides to true outcomes. NSU designs success in learning.

The Fischler School leads the way in Instructional Technology and Distance Education (ITDE.) NSU is the world headquarters for CREAD and AAIE. World education demands ITDE. NSU programs expand ITDE careers. Laura knows.

Laura Fideli completed the ITDE/International E-Learning Master's program. It begins in Italy with University of Rome-La Sapienza faculty. They teach face to face. Instruction continues online with ITDE faculty. Laura landed a new job month after earning her MS. She says, "NSU had a relevant role."

Laura gained technical skills and competencies in instructional design. Coursework widened her research field. Laura says the Fischler School added value at the international level. Now Laura's a researcher in European Projects at University of Macerata.

Ambitious NSU international students become ITDE leaders.

Professor Mauro Hernandez, Ed.D, says, "NSU definitely changed me forever." Mauro was a very successful business man from Venezuela. He owned three computer stores, managed over 70 employees. And, he taught full time! Mauro wanted to work smarter not harder. The doctoral program was his opportunity.

Selling his business and studying was a 3 year challenge. It was exciting and frustrating. Professors kept him going and "the excellence of the doctoral program." Now he teaches Instructional Media for NSU's Latin America clusters. Professor Hernandez carries on NSU excellence. "I will never forget what pushed me to where I am."

Gomi Kwon did not forget. With the chance to study in the U.S. Gomi came to NSU. Alejandra Parra, Associate Dean of International Affairs, welcomed her. Gomi earned her degree in TESOL and attended the Language Institute. She says, "Alejandra and Dr. DeNapoli were there for me."

Dr. DeNapoli's inspired by international students like Gomi, "her enthusiasm and her commitment to learning!" That energy drives International Affairs to bring NSU programs to the world.